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Electrolysis is the best option for shaping your eyebrows because it is the most accurate method and maintenance-free. Since it is very precise (one hair at a time), it allows the electrologist to exercise control over shape of the eyebrow.
Disadvantages of plucking, waxing, threading and laser:

  • Time consuming
  • Wax is hard to control (you may remove the wrong hairs)
  • Over-plucking
  • Always cleaning up
  • DO NOT use laser because of eye damage dangers (see below)
When it comes to eyebrows, a little change can make all the difference. Well-groomed, perfectly proportional eyebrows have the single biggest impact on the face. Correctly shaped brows will make you look like you have had a face-lift, taking years off your age.
Well-shaped brows can make your eyes appear larger, more open, bring out your bone structure, open up your face, and help balance the appearance of the whole face.
The ideal eyebrow shape is different for every face. The bone structure should dictate your natural shape. Trends are meaningless. Look for the shape that is going to enhance your face. Perfect eyebrows are about creating a look, style, balance and lift.

Basic Shape
  1. The brow should begin just above the inside corner of the eye.
  2. The arch’s highest point should be above the iris (colored portion of the eye).
  3. Lay a pencil from the middle of your lower lip and slant it to the outside corner of your iris. The arch is where the inside edge of the pencil hits the brow.
  4. Tilt the pencil to the outside corner of the eye; end the brow there.
  5. For eyes that are closely set start the brows a smidge further apart, and end a little further out.
  6. For eyes that are set far apart, begin the brows slightly closer together.

HEART shaped face

Slightly rounded eyebrows without sharp angles. soft rounding of the arch counteracts the sharp angle of the chin.

DIAMOND shaped face

Sharp or smooth arch. A defined arch in the eyebrow draws attention away from the wide mid-face. Flat brow makes the width more noticeable.

SQUARE shaped face

Sharp or smooth arch. Defined peaks in the arch draw attention to the eyebrow and away from the square jaw. A strong brow is needed to counteract a square face. Flat eyebrows contribute to boxy look.

ROUND shaped face

Add slenderness with an angled arched eyebrow but with short tail. Angled eyebrow lines counteract facial roundness. Defined arches draw attention to the center of the face. Up and down lines elongate the face. Flat brows make face appear shorter and wider.

LONG shaped face

Rounder fuller eyebrows. Straighter brow, minimal arch (no sharp or high angles). Flatter brow will make the face appear shorter.

OVAL shaped face

Sharp or smooth rounded angled arch. Brows that angle dramatically towards the bottom of your ear lobe. Oval face is considered balanced, and works well with about any eyebrow style.

Tips for eyebrows shapes:
If you have large eyes or wide forehead, go for rounded brows. This will enhance the eyes without making them appear larger. Slightly elevated brows create the illusion of a smaller forehead.
Women with small foreheads should go for low-arched eyebrows that give the illusion of more length in the forehead.
For women with prominent noses or large mouths, arched eyebrows will look the best. This gives expression to the eyes and balances these other features. Most women look fantastic with this shape regardless of other facial features.
High arches will "open" the eyes and make them appear larger. However, if take out too much from the bottom edge will provide a permanently surprised look.  Keep in mind that the brows do not need to match like a mirror image. Nobody has a symmetrical face, so one brow will always be slightly different than the other.
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  • eyebrows too close make a face look tired, sad, angry and un-groomed
  • eyebrows too far apart create an off-balance or "who me?" look of surprise

Eyebrows for men
Eyebrow shaping is not just for the ladies. Eyebrow care works very well for men too. The unibrow is a common problem for all men. Once men turn 40 or 50 their hair gets wiry, and just trimming and grooming their eyebrow can make them look much younger. Gray hairs tend be dry, coarse and to stick out. An electrologist will selectively take them out and trim them. Men won’t look feminine. An electrologist makes sure a man’s brows are not too clean or defined.

Suggested process
We suggest appointments 15-30 min. per visit to gradually decide what looks best. The results are permanent. The hairs of the eyebrow usually are destroyed fairly quickly so each hair is discussed with the client to ensure proper shaping prior to extraction. The client holds a mirror during the treatment process and has interactive approach to the procedure. We want give you time during the process to analyze and adjust the shape in between the treatments.
It takes on average about 20 visits for permanent hair removal.


Electrolysis is permanent and safe alternative. Laser hair removal should NOT be performed on eyebrow region, because the risks and side effects include:

  • Iris atrophy and posterior synechiae
  • Iris damage and acute pigmentation
  • Irreversible cataract
  • Inflammation of the interior eye

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