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Tips For Choosing The Right Electrologist

Excess hair is a very private matter and a lot of women don not talk about it or share this information with anybody. You as a potential client have to be educated to ask the right questions when choosing the right electrologist. The wrong decision can mean extra sessions, extra cost and unnecessary discomfort. We understand that this is a very personal and sensitive issue for you and we will do everything possible to ensure your trust and confidence in us. By following the guidelines listed below, you can take comfort in knowing that you will be making an educated and informed decision when choosing an Electrologist. We want to point out the benefits of electrolysis for the entire world to hear and dispel the many myths that surround our profession. Here are the tips for choosing the electrologist and some of the questions you should ask:

  • Know their qualifications. New Jersey is one of the states that requires that electrologists be licensed in order to practice electrolysis.
  • Ask how many years the electrologist is in business.
  • Always come in for a free consultation. Don't just go to somebody because they answered the phone sooner or they had an earlier appointment.
  • Ask lots of questions. A good and reputable Electrologist always welcomes questions.
  • Do they use disposable probes?
  • How do they sterilize their instruments?
  • The most important questions to ask are: HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE? WHEN WILL I SEE THE RESULTS? HOW MANY VISITS I WILL LIKELY NEED? Clients always ask for estimates, but unfortunately most electrologists give very vague and evasive answers. Our treatments take about a year for the hair to be completely gone and never come back again. You should see the results after the FIRST visit and drastic results will be seen between 5 to 8 visits. You don't have to wait months and years to see the results ( it's a myth). If you get an answer from an electrologist that they don't know how long the process will take in your case ( it's a myth ) then go to somebody who will give you time estimates (there is scientific explanation for time frames and we ALWAYS tell clients about it). Any professional, experienced, knowledgeable and ethical Electrologist should do the same. The number of visits depends on area but an average area like upper lip or chin takes about 20 to 30 visits (there is scientific explanation for that too).
  • Don't make a decision based on convenience or price. Generally, most of the time and expense for electrolysis clients is in the first 2 months of the treatment.
  • Be careful about choosing a facility. For your health and safety, look for a facility that's clean and professionally run like a physician's office.
  • Use common sense. When you go to your consultation, look around. Do workers look clean? Ask to meet the person who will be performing the electrolysis for you. Does she strike you as a professional? If you are not personally comfortable with somebody, do not go to them. Personal comfort is essential to knowing you have made the right decision.
  • For a doctor who’s patients are seeking a permanent solution to unwanted facial or body hair, we are happy to work with you. Electrolysis is the only hair removal process deemed to be a permanent solution by the FDA. We will gladly answer any questions you might have about our office and our procedures. We also have brochures that explain our procedures and answer some of the most common questions about electrolysis. Also, we offer free consultations so that we can evaluate each individual’s situation, answer any question your patient might have and develop a customized treatment plan.


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