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7 Keys to Successful Permanent Hair Removal

"When it comes to permanent hair removal, getting each step just right is an art form! To achieve quick and permanent results, it is not enough to simply perform the treatments; one must be able to effectively combine all the necessary steps. Here are seven key factors to guarantee successful hair removal treatments to our clients.


1. Match the Right Treatment Option to Each Client

Initial consultation is required before any hair removal treatments can begin. During the first meeting, we obtain information about a client's medical history, observe the condition of the skin, as well as the density and type of hair to be removed. Based on our observations, we will clearly explain the treatment options and anticipated results that will ensure client satisfaction.


2. Perform Treatments During the Right Phase of Hair Growth.

To achieve permanent hair removal, treatments must be performed during the anagen phase (growing stage) in order to fully destroy the hair. In fact, it is during this phase that the follicles contain the most cells responsible for hair growth, and hair has the most pigmentation. It is very important to plan treatments so as to allow for a maximum number of hairs to be synchronized into the growing stage.


3. Use the Best Equipment Available

The type of equipment your electrologist uses greatly impacts the treatment outcome. The higher the power level of the device, the faster you will achieve permanent results. It is clear that any electrolysis device, even decades old, can lead to permanent hair removal. However, achieving it will be longer and less comfortable for the client. Several options and resources can also improve the results. We use insulated probes that allow for more effective and targeted destruction of the growth cells, leading to quicker permanent results. WE offer all of our clients effective solutions and increased comfort level!


4. Choose the Most Suitable Treatment Parameters.

Every electrolysis expert must determine the most suitable treatment parameters to ensure the best results. Several factors influence the selection process: the individual hair type, the depth of the hair follicle, the particular area being treated, the growth phase and density, intensity level, et cetera. Usually, the greater the professional expertise, the better the evaluation.


5. Adopt Effective Work Methods

During electrolysis treatment a probe is inserted into each follicle. This technique of hair removal requires a high level of precision. The electrologist delicately inserts a probe the size of a hair into the follicle until it reaches the base. This is where the electric current must be emitted for the full and successful destruction of the growth cells to occur. A common myth about electrolysis is that treatments are painful. This is simply not true! Electrolysis treatments are quite comfortable, especially when the technique is correctly performed. A client should never feel anything when the probe is inserted or when the hair is extracted. The client should only feel a slight current lasting a few milliseconds.


6. Your Skin Needs Pampering

Did you know that well hydrated skin can tolerate heat more easily? We perform treatments using a safe but higher degree of heat so more growth cells will be effectively destroyed and the desired results will be achieved more quickly. You should use an exfoliant and moisturizer to treat your skin. Thoroughly moisturizing your skin the next day and on will promote healing and regeneration. All clients must apply protection against UV rays before and after the treatment. This will minimize the risk of hyperpigmentation.


7. Discipline is a Must

In order to achieve permanent results, treatments should be performed during anagen (growing) stage. It is absolutely essential for clients rigorously attend appointments which have been set according to the hair growth phase. If a client pushes back their appointments, they will not see success of the treatments in the shortest amount of time. In conclusion, there are several factors influence the success of permanent hair removal. Proper training of the electrologist, the right device, well-informed and cooperative clients, and the exercise of sound professional judgment on the part of the electrologist all contribute to safe, comfortable, rapid, and above-all, effective treatments."

by Karine Beaumont, Dermascope magazine